What I want from Tottenham Hotspur in 2018

So we are now just over halfway into the first month of 2018, and I am already optimistic for the year ahead, or as optimistic as I can be being a Spurs fan. This is just a little blog outlining how I think we did as a team last year, and what I think we should strive for in the next 347 days.

Spurs in 2017. We finished second in last years premier league season, Harry Kane won another golden boot along with some player of the month awards to go along with that. Whilst also breaking Alan Shearer’s record for most goals in a calendar year, and finishing top scorer last season. In terms of signings, we introduced Davinson Sanchez and Fernando Llorente, who have both done their part for the club, with Sanchez in particular stepping in for the injured Toby Alderwiereld. However, as good as all this was, Tottenham still lacked that one thing that I think all fans want. A trophy.

We had a fantastic season, probably our bet ever season of the modern premier league era, but still went trophie-less, and for me, that is something we need to acquire sooner rather than later. So if we want to win a trophy of some description, what ones are realistically within our reach. Let’s list them out.

The Premier League – No. Now this isn’t a case of us doing particularly bad this season, it’s just Manchester City have ran away with it. They are 12 points clear at the top of the league, and 18 points clear of us as of today, Thursday 18th January. So unfortunately, if our time is ever to come to win the league, it’s not this season.

The Champions League – Our campaign in this season’s champions league has been very good. We finished top of a group, unbeaten, with us winning 5 games, only drawing one away at the Bernabeu to Real Madrid. Moving on to the last 16, we have been drawn against Juventus. This is a winnable game over the two legs but in my opinion it will require us to be on top form, with Juventus having a couple of bad games. They are a formidable side and will be a tough opponent. If we do make it into the quarter finals, then we will most likely draw a strong side. Overall I do not see us winning it as no matter how far we go, the chances are teams like Manchester CIty, PSG or Barcelona will be there too, and for me, teams like that are beyond our capability of beating.

The League Cup – This was a competition I think we should’ve taken more seriously. As it was not only a chance to win a trophy, but one that could’ve been seen as a benchmark at the start of the season to go on and win more. However, we lost to a very beatable West Ham side, even after being 2-0 up at half time. Which for me is unforgivable. The players should’ve easily went on and won that game, and if we did, who knows where we could’ve made it to.

Which leaves only one trophy. The FA Cup.

The FA Cup is, for me, our only realistic chance at winning a trophy this season. We are into the fourth round to face Newport County away after a 3-0 win at home to AFC Wimbledon in the third. If we take this competition seriously, which I don’t see why we wouldn’t, I believe we can maybe win it. Now there are some tough competitors still in the competition, in the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool, but I think we can beat anyone on our day. Especially with the likes of Wanyama back in the team, Alderwiereld nearing a first team return and our star man Kane up front, this is possible. And for me, this is it. If we don’t win a trophy this year, I do see some of our players leaving in the near future. Which I think all spurs fans can agree, is something nobody wants to see anytime soon.


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