First blog post – A few introductions

Hello and welcome. If you are reading this then thank you. This is my first ‘blog’. My name is Macaully, I am a Multimedia Journalism Student currently in my first year at the University of Essex.

I am a a massive sports fan, and have my own radio show here at he University, Fridays from 11-12 @ Go and give it a listen if you have the chance! Football is the sport I follow the most, however will never turn down a good tennis or darts match. I am a supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, take that as you will! However enjoy a good balance and non-biased discussion on anything football.

I would love to go into sports journalism in the future, with radio being something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, and am thinking of aiming towards for the future.

I will be giving reviews on football matches, news, and any other key things to do with football, specifically Spurs. However, will give my views on other teams, games and players from time to time. I may venture outside of sports every now and again, however that will not be very often.

That is all for now, hope to see you around here soon. Many thanks.



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